April 24, 2014

Travel & Tours to Cardamom Mountains

Cambodian Ministry of Tourism ranks Cardamom Mountains as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The mountains are located in the Southwestern part of the country. The thick and pristine rainforest is one of the most treasured assets of the country. The forests are home for clouded leopards, tigers and elephants.  If you are patient and have a good eye you can spot sun bear, gibbons, and Siamese crocodiles.

Mekong-Travel is a local tour group which have a few itineraries to pick from. They are local (located in Sre Ambel) and know the area very well. They provide food, camping equipment, first aid kit, porters etc. Also, check out ecoadventurecambodia.com they support and promote local communities and create new livelihoods for hunters, loggers etc. They provide local guides who know the mountains as well as trained in first aid.

Cardamom Project – union of excellence and quality

Scientists and engineers work together to come up with solutions to the unsolved problems that cause a great deal of problem for the people.
This may refer to any field from pharmacist to a chemist, from a gardener to a mechanic, from a teacher to a software programmer.
Likewise, CARDAMOM is built up to add convenience to your systems.
CARDAMOM is a middleware framework that provides features to configure deploy and execute near real-time, distributed and fault-tolerant applications.
CARDAMOM is multi-domain, as it is intended to be used by different Industrial Domains for Command and Control Systems such as civil Air Traffic Control Systems, or Defense Command and Control Systems.
CARDAMOM is a CORBA-based. CORBA enables interoperability across hardware platforms and programming languages and thus is suitable to integrate smoothly legacy systems.
CARDAMOM favors the integration of CORBA services and functionality implementations that are available on the market (COTS and Open Source Software).
Nevertheless, OMG specifications cover several users’ needs but not all of them. In addition, available implementations of some CORBA services do not provide the required Quality of Service (QoS).
The purpose of CARDAMOM is to provide an added-value execution platform including services whose functionality and implementation fit with users requirements in the mission and safety critical area.
CARDAMOM is initially developed by the CDO (Common Development Organization), a dedicated structure currently grouping together SELEX Sistemi Integrati and THALES and ready to welcome new parties.

Services and tools provided by this version of CARDAMOM areCORBA Component Model (CCM),CORBA Fault Tolerance, System Management,Life Cycle service, Naming and Repository service, Event service, Traces and Performance service, Load Balancing service, Code Generation Tool.
Multi-environment: CARDAMOM is first developed on a reference platform (PC – Linux Red Hat, TAO, and JacORB) but is designed to run over other several target hardware platforms including UNIX and Windows as well as to rely on several ORBs.
It supports applications developed in C++ and Java.